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Mexican, Nicaraguan, Ephiopian, Honduras, Papua New Guinea, Guatemala, Sumatran
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Coffee has about 500 genera and over 6,000 species.
Our origins come from Africa, Central America, Mexico, and Asia.

Papua New Guinea - Medium-Dark Roast, Stone fruit and spice on the nose with a creamy body. Pineapple acidity and apricot, with cherry and persimmon sweetness balanced with a subtle earthiness.
Honduran -
Medium roast, sweet aroma with sparkling green apple acidity with a finish of notes of chocolate

Ethiopian Harrar - Medium roast, sweet fruity aroma, blueberry taste, great body, bold finish
Guatemalan -
Dark Roast Well-rounded cup with a lively character
Mexican Chiapas - Medium-Dark Roast, f
ull bodied coffee with lots of chocolate and peanut flavors
Nicaraguan -
Light Roast Clean and sound with a medium body
Sumatran -
Dark Roast Clean and herbal with some sweetness

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