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Oasis, Prodigal, Revelation, Compassion, Creation, Acts,
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We custom design our blends from selections of our varietals to create uniquely flavorful aroma, body and finishes. Some of our blends are pre-blended prior to roasting and some post-blended from individual varietal roasts to give uniqueness to each of our custom creations. Enjoy!

Oasis - Medium-dark roast blend with a
rich taste, a bright fruity sweetness and hints of chocolate. Great in Espresso!
Acts - Our darkest roast blend that is very strong with a smoky aroma and a bittersweet powerful finish.
Cipher (D)
- An Espresso decaf roast with a smoky aroma, sweet cedar taste and a smoky finish.
Compassion -
Medium bodied sweet aroma with a hint of nuts in the flavor
Creation - A medium dark roast, bold and clean with a smoky taste
Prodigal - A crisp light to medium roast that is rich tasting and very smooth. Excellent for Espresso, Drip and French Press!

Revelation - A sweet medium espresso blend with a fruity yet bold finish
White Coffee (USDA)-
slightly roasted and containing more caffeine than its roasted counterparts, this light roasting method causes it to have a nutty taste when brewed, which appeals to non-coffee drinkers for its mild unique taste. *This bean is very hard post roasting requiring a strong grinder. ($13.95/lb)

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