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The Coffee Oasis
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Who Are We?
Who Are We?
Who Are We?

We began in Bremerton, WA, seeing youth on the streets at night with nowhere to go. A coffee shop was purchased and on a Friday night those youth were invited to come hang out, shoot pool, and belong.

Now, The Coffee Oasis is a faith-based, non-profit organization with six locations in northwest Washington. Our coffee roasting and café business supports youth programs that offer street outreach, mentoring, job training, a youth shelter and youth centers, community and belonging to homeless and street-oriented youth.

We exist to impact communities through economic, social, and spiritual transformation.
In all that we do, whether it is roasting a new blend, creating cafés for the community to gather at, offering friendship to a homeless youth, or providing a youth with a barista internship at one of our locations, we seek to do all excellently and to partner with the community in bringing hope to the streets.

Thank you for joining us!
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